Technology Law

Technology law encompasses the business of two or more parties exchanging electronic information, providing or acquiring software, hardware and services, developing custom software, hosting services, website policies, security policies, outsourcing, ecommerce, consulting services, downloading or streaming digital content, managing online digital content, acquiring or providing telecommunication and internet service provider services, domain name disputes, privacy issues and other related transactions in a wired and wireless world.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property includes trademark registration and maintenance, copyright registration, trade secret protection, licensing and other transactions related to intellectual property asset management.

Media Law

Media law is a catch-all phrase that includes the business of publishing, authoring, selling and distributing content, conducting sweepstakes, advertising and marketing your products or services or otherwise putting yourself or your business out in front of the public.

Other Business

Dina B. Ross Law Offices handle a variety of other general business legal needs, including incorporation assistance, nondisclosure agreements, commercial leasing, financing and franchising.