Dina B. Ross Law Offices focus on technology law and general business and commercial law. Below are examples of the many client needs we serve:

Media Law
  • Publishing, authoring, selling and distributing content

  • Conducting sweepstakes

  • Advertising and marketing your products or services

General Practice

In addition to technology law, Dina B. Ross Law Offices can assist you with a wide variety of general business legal services, such as:​​

  • Incorporation assistance

  • Nondisclosure agreements

  • Commercial agreements of all kinds

Technology Law


Technology law encompasses a wide range of topics. Dina B. Ross Law Offices focus on technology law in health care and other industries. With respect to all industries, we provide counsel for those with questions or legal challenges on matters such as:

  • Negotiating EHR technology acquisitions

  • Cloud computing service agreements

  • Exchanging electronic information

  • Providing or acquiring software, hardware and services

  • Artificial intelligence agreements

  • Blockchain technology issues

  • Developing custom software

  • Hosting services

  • Website policies and Internet security policies 

  • Outsourcing technology services

  • E-commerce

  • Consulting services 

  • Downloading or streaming digital content 

  • Managing online digital content

  • Acquiring or providing telecommunication and internet service provider services

  • Domain name disputes

  • Privacy/security issues and other related transactions in a wired and wireless world

Dina B. Ross Law Offices  

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